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Cross Connections provides Mobile Office Space that can be used in Urban or Rural Areas.  The main focuses in these Mobile Offices are to provide Office Space, Satellite Network Systems and a Radio Dispatch Area in a comfortable work environment.  
These Mobile Offices come in 40’ to 42’ climate-controlled trailers.  They have multiple slide-outs to give you ample room to work in.  They have 10 individual workstations which are divided into 3 sections.  The trailers come with 3 beds for onsite resting and the exterior of the trailers have multiple LED lights for night operations.  
Every Mobile Office includes:
  • a Refrigerator,
  • Coffee Maker,
  • Microwave,
  • Flat Screen TV,
  • All-In-One Copier, 
  • and more.


Satelite Network Systems- Ka & Ku

The Satellite Network Systems are capable of providing you with High Speed Internet, VoIP Telephones, FoIP faxing capability, Wireless Point to Point Service.


Each system can support up to 200+ users.


All systems are managed thru a Craddlepoint AER2200.  


All systems are Ka band, a fast and reliable system.   

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Cross Connections Emergency Services provides a Type 1 Incident Command trailer for Intelligence Streaming and Communications. The trailer provides large monitors that are ran through computers that support streaming and the viewing of the newest technology needed for tracking resources, current weather, operational response and decision making, IR streaming from outside sources and live aerial feeds for fire progression just to name a few. The ability to view these technologies have become key and necessary in the decision processes for fire suppression.
Type 1 Command Trailer
9 workstations
7 streaming capable monitors (1 ea. 75”, 1 ea. 50”, 3 ea. 43” and 2 ea. 32”)
Full mobile radio package (6 VHF radios, 2 UHF radios, 2 AM radios)
1 KA Band Sattelite Internet Dish
1 StarLink modem


The Dispatch Center provides you with VHF and UHF capabilities. It comes with multiple state of the art radios that can be setup in a quiet area of the office. 


They come with an IP-2002 to set up remote communications in a different location via an ethernet cable.  The frequencies of the radios can be customized to meet your individual needs.

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Disptach Center RBD Radio Consoles


General Inquiries Mendocino Complex 2018

Cross Connections currently has agreements with Local, State and Federal Agencies. 


We have deployed these Mobile Offices all over the state of California during times of disaster response or catastrophic events as well as local events such as concerts, air shows, races, and more.

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