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Cross Connections is a California State Certified Small Business, DGS No. 54962 and California State Vendor #10179601. Cross Connections is a Mobile Command, Control & Communications (C3) services company as well as Mobile Offices tailored to fit your needs.  

We are also a Certified Dealer for the following companies: BK Technologies, Stone Mountain Mics, Astra Radio Communications (ARC), Tessco, Sti-Co Antennas, Sigtronics Codan Communications and Wouxun.   If you are looking for two-way radios, accessories or repair parts, Cross Connections is your one stop shopping company.  Cross Connections offers more than 50 years of combined experience in Mobile Communications and Mobile Command & Control with an extensive background in Emergency Services.

Our senior management team has been directly involved with the biggest conflagrations in California’s history.  Our team provides a high degree of Emergency Response experience in dealing with real world emergencies.



Dennis Cross.jpg



Dennis started his career in the Fire Service in 1967 by working for the U.S. Forest Service. He worked on the Cleveland National Forest for 3 years as an El Cariso Hot Shot and Engine Driver Operator or TTO, (Tanker Truck Operator as they were known back then). 

In 1970, Dennis became a Firefighter for the Camp Pendleton Fire Department. Dennis’ promotions while at Camp Pendleton FD included:

  • 1975 Engineer

  • 1980 Captain

  • 1987 Division Chief

  • 1991 Deputy Chief

  • 2002 Chief

Dennis has been Incident Commander, Deputy IC, Branch Director, Division Group Supervisor and held several other positions on Large Scale Incidents.  Everything from 5,000 acre Wildland Fires to major Structure Fires to 100 car pile-ups on the freeway and everything in between.  Operations has always been his passion.

Dennis retired from the Camp Pendleton Fire Department in 2003.

Dennis used to talk with his Wife & Sons about starting a Family owned and operated business that could still be associated with Emergency Services. Once retired, the dream of starting his own company became a reality and “Cross Connections” was born.  In 2018 Dennis has stepped down as CEO, but still holds his position on the Board of Directors.  He is still actively involved in the forward progress the company is making.  Dennis also holds a HAM radio license, KJ6HYU.  

Jeremy Cross.jpg

Jeremy has worked in the Operations field for Cross Connections for the past 15 years.  He played an instrumental part of the original construction of our Communications Trailers and as such knows intimately the inner workings of each Comm Unit. 


Jeremy loves the initial setup on an Incident and loves to interact with all the Incident Management Team Personnel.  They have quickly figured out that he is their "go to" guy when they need something done.  This combined with his "can do" attitude has made him a huge asset to the Cross Connections Team.   


In 2018 Jeremy has assumed the role of CEO.  He is aggressively moving the company in new directions and runs the ”day to day” operations.  Jeremy also holds a HAM radio license, KJ6HYV.


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