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BATTERY FOR SYMBOL PDT200 - 3.7V / 1900 mAh / 7.0 Wh / Li-Ion

Also Fits: PDT8100, PDT8133, PDT8137, PDT8142, PDT8146, PPT2700, PPT2700+, PPT2700-2D, PPT2733, more. Japanese cells.
Other Compatible Scanners: PPT2740, PPT2742, PPT2746, PPT2800, PPT2833, PPT2837, PPT2842, PPT2846, PPT8800, PPT8846, PPT8860, PPT8866, SPT1700, SPT1733, SPT1740, SPT1800, SPT1833, SPT1842, SPT1846, SPT2700, Chameleon RF FL3500, PB1900, PB2100, Fujitsu iPAD 100 / 142 series. Replaces OEM Part Number: 20-36098-01, 21-52319-01, 21-56383-01, 21-56661-01, 21-58236-01, 6140-01-499-7364.
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